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Not every run has to be special

January 20, 2020 0

Busy wasting time looking at running stuff on t’internet. Everyone seems to be doing some impressive run in the most beautiful places on Earth. Everyone’s smiling and full of energy. Except for me. I’m grinding out the same couple of loops around Attenborough Nature Reserve and Beeston Canal 5-6 times a week. Not sure about…

By Stuart

Bridge out in Attenborough Nature Reserve

August 16, 2019 0

On my last run along the top edge of Attenborough nature reserve I spotted some new Rights of Way change notices. I’m keeping an eye out for these after the Spring Lane level crossing ones from last year. A quick read and it was just that they were restricting access to the old bridge crossing…

By Stuart

Taking it steady

June 20, 2019 3

Quite literally in this case. After I came back from Seattle I was tired all the time, and when I went for a run it was a slog all the way round with no real enjoyment. So I decided to take some time off. Looking for something to do I picked up Matt Fitzgeralds 80/20…

By Stuart

Sinfin 10k Classic

May 15, 2019 0

Something slightly shorter and less undulating this time with the Sinfin 10k Classic. Organised for many years by the Sinfin Running club, this was our first visit after seeing it mentioned on the Beeston AC facebook page Was nice to have an easy start for a running event. 10:30 am start for the 10k, and…

By Stuart

Retford Half Marathon 2019

April 18, 2019 2

Thanks to the Doctor I have potential cause and solution to the issues mentioned in the last post, so fingers crossed I’ll be firing on all cylinders again soon So time for a quick recap of my last good run, Retford Half Marathon 2019 edition Mrs BeestonRunner got the running bug as well and wanted…

By Stuart

Boston Marathon training week 5

January 30, 2019 0

It’s been cold the last week so there’s a lack of photos to accompany this week’s marathon training as I didn’t fancy stopping, or taking my gloves off. 11 more weeks training until the Boston (UK) marathon and this was planned to be the first week I do more than 40 miles of running As…

By Stuart

Joining a running club

January 21, 2019 0

I had “Join a Running club” on my list of running things to do, and it seemed an easy one to tick off. So I started googling around for running clubs local to Beeston What I’m looking for To narrow it down I had a couple of things that I really wanted from a club:…

By Stuart

Attenborough rail crossing – November 2018

November 30, 2018 0

If you’re from Beeston then you’ve probably used the Meadow Lane level crossing to get over the railway and into Attenborough Nature Reserve. Back in 2016 Network Rail started to canvas local opinion on closing this crossing, and did a survey of usage Turns out it was heavily used as it’s a major entry point…

By Stuart

Bloke Begins Yoga

November 27, 2018 0

I’ve never been the most flexible of people. I think I last touched my toes around the age of 14, 29 years ago. 23 years in a job that primarily involves driving a desk hasn’t helped either. Then 5 years of long distance cycling added on to the mix gives me hamstrings that are so…

By Stuart

Running plans for the next 5 months

November 8, 2018 0

October 2018 turned out to be a much better running month than expected. I ran over 100 miles. and whilst not doing anything particularly structured managed to break my half marathon PB at the Workshop Half Marathon . So it’s got me thinking what I could achieve next year with a bit more training Setting Targets…

By Stuart

Twiddling thumbs

September 22, 2018 0

One of those weeks really. Managed a couple of runs, but nothing special. Each of them ended up feeling sore and taking a lot longer for it to disappear. Work was busy so no lunch time escapes to the gym or sneaking out for a Yoga lesson. All desk driving and no play makes me…

By Stuart

Plans Change

September 2, 2018 0

Originally today’s plan was to be running the 26 miles Dunstable Downs Challenge, but things change. Training was going well, decent half marathon time at the Belvoir Half Marathon, pleased with my times on the London Cardiff 24 give the lack of sleep and ramping the mileage up nicely. Then I over extended myself  in…

By Stuart