Sinfin 10k Classic

Sinfin 10k Classic

May 15, 2019 0 By Stuart

Something slightly shorter and less undulating this time with the Sinfin 10k Classic. Organised for many years by the Sinfin Running club, this was our first visit after seeing it mentioned on the Beeston AC facebook page

Was nice to have an easy start for a running event. 10:30 am start for the 10k, and it’s based at Elvaston Country Park which is an easy 20 minute drive from Beeston.

We got there in plenty of time to make sure we got a parking spot, it’s a decent sized car park but it’s also a popular place without the hordes of runners turning up. Bit of a queue for the ticket machines, but soon sorted. Be warned, the rumour is that the car park attendants are very vigilant, so don’t think about chancing it.

Quick warm up jog round the field, a loo stop and then meeting up with the other Beeston AC members out for the run.

Nice informal start with a general move towards the start pen. No real time markers, but there was a bit more space towards the front for those trying for sub 40. Bravely decided to give it a go despite having not done any ‘speed’ work for a couple of months

It’s a mixed surface race, and given the recent weather conditions (dry apart from a down pour on Friday evening) I’d decided to go with my Saucony Kinveras. These feel like my ‘fast’ shoes and sometime thouse mental tricks help don’t they?

Off a 10:30 with the usual chorus of Garmin/TomTom/Suunto chirrups as everyone hit the start button. No real jostling as we spread out across the grass track before heading into the woods. Muddy in places, but not too slippery. Keeping an eye out for errant dogs and children was the name of the game as the park was open to the general public.

Settled into what felt at the time like a good pace sticking in with a couple of other Beeston runners. The next tricky section was going through the castle courtyard. This meant some randomly sized cobbles with a right hand turn across them.

Back onto a firmer surfaces as we dropped slightly down through the gardens before another left turn onto a dirt track. This looped us behind the starting arch before we moved onto the pavement next to Thulston Lane for a couple of 100 metres where we turned right onto a gravel track alongside the River Derwent.

By now I’d realised I’d gone out too fast, and once out of the park’s shady trees I realised just how warm it was. Heat is not my favourite weather, tbh I prefer it cooler and wouldn’t say no to a light drizzle like we had for the Retford Half Marathon

Was nice to have a bit more space as the track opened up, and the view was pretty nice as well. Surface was pretty smooth with just the odd puddle at the side to avoid. Caught and overtaken by another club member so tucked in behind to give me someone to chase.

This was now feeling like very hard work, but I was keeping up a good pace. Decent distance marking meant I knew we were coming up for 5k, so the mental bargaining started. If I made it to 5k at the current pace, then I’d back off and settle for just that.

5k came in at 18:52 according to Strava, which was 80 seconds faster than my previous PB. Might as well just try and push on and see where it was going then. Team mate pulled away as we hit the road section, but I kept him in view

The next section was the dullest section of the race. Pavement through an industrial estate, and then a slight uphill drag alongside a Dual Carriageway. Not fun in the heat, but at least traffic was light so not too much soot in the diet

Was a relief to turn off onto a small lane and back to quieter running. By now I was almost constantly doing mental arithmetic to see how much time I’d lost and if I still had enough in the bank to make it back in under 40 minutes.

Hanging on for a few more bits of lane and back into the country park for the final stretch on the tracks we’d run out on. No once overtook so at least I was holding position. One last corner and then the finish line appeared.

The photo flatters how I was feeling at the time. This certainly wasn’t a push for the line!

Finishing at Sinfin classic 10k 2019

Crossed the line in 39:06 according to my Garmin, and 36:03 according to the race results. Either of which I was very happy with. Was expecting to just scrape under 40, but nearly a minute clean works as well.

Looking at my splits:

1km splits for Sinfin classic 10k 2019

There’s quite a bit of slowing over the last 5 km and I reckon a slightly slower start would have meant a quicker overall time. Pacing is something I have trouble with, so something to work on there.

Good morning out. I cheered Mrs BeestonRunner over the line as well, and we were back to Beeston in time for an early lunch and a free afternoon.

Reckon we’ll be heading back next year unless anything else crops up on the calendar.