2020 plans

2020 plans

January 6, 2020 0 By Stuart

So as I mentioned before my Running 2019 was a bit of a mixed bag. So what am I planning for 2020?

Well, I’ll break it down into 2 bits. First off I’ll talk about what I’m going to do different this year, and then I’m going to list some of the events I’ve already got on the list to do this year

Training Plans

Mostly last years training went well when I didn’t try to overextend myself when non running life got hectic. So the first thing to do this year is to make sure my plans fit in with our real life.

Next up, I need to keep on top of my non running training. I’m pretty certain I did better when I was mixing in a couple of gym sessions a week as well. So those are going back into the mix. There’s meant to be some extra benefits for those of use over 40 as well

Now, I can’t prove that completely atm. So the other thing I’m going to be doing is to supplement Strava with an old skool paper training diary as well. I want something I can put more detail into about non running training. And there’s a little bit of wanting to have a bit of privacy. I want to have the freedom to say ‘That sucked because I was an idiot’ without broadcasting it

A decent training diary will also help me record sleep better as well. I don’t trust the Garmin data, I lie pretty still so the data lies pretty badly <badum-tish>

The 80/20 approach seems to be working for me. Doesn’t leave me too broken at the end of the week and got me results. So I’m going to stick with that and take care to keep any speedwork/efforts in small doses.

So the overall aim is going to be aiming for consistency, no highs and lows over the months unless there’s a good reason (real life getting in the way of the fun stuff for example). Fingers crossed I can go a year without a physio appointmet 🤞


To make the most of all this training I need a few events to be aiming for and to use as training evaluators. So far, this season is looking like this

26/01/2020 – Tigger Tor – Fell

16/02/2020 – Stamford 30k – Road

29/03/2020 – Wolf’s Pit – Fell

19/04/2020 – Boston Marathon – Road

26/04/2020 – Kinder Downfall – Fell

09/05/2020 – Dukeries 40 – Trail

11/06/2020 – Lakeland 55km – Trail

That’s everything that I’m entered for or is nailed into the calender. Just waiting for the Nomad Ultra to confirm it’s 2020 date and that’ll go onto the list as well.

Mainly looking at distance and offroad this year. But as I had a deferred place from 2019 for the Boston Marathon seemed rude not to give it a go, should make Kinder Downfall this year interesting though!

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