Month: April 2019

Kinder Downfall Fell Race 2019

April 29, 2019 1

Entered the Kinder Downfall fell race along with a friend a fair while ago back at the start of February when entries first opened. Nearly 3 months later it’s time to run it. Couple of things have changed, his health means he’s not running, and with my recent issues I’ve not run further than 8…

By Stuart

Peak Rail 7 (aka Runner vs Train)

April 24, 2019 0

It sounded like a simple way to spend Easter Monday. Run 7 miles in the Peak District trying to beat a Steam Engine on a round trip. Sounded good but was rumoured to sell out quickly, so we were poised over the Enter button when the entries went live. So it finally came round to…

By Stuart

Retford Half Marathon 2019

April 18, 2019 2

Thanks to the Doctor I have potential cause and solution to the issues mentioned in the last post, so fingers crossed I’ll be firing on all cylinders again soon So time for a quick recap of my last good run, Retford Half Marathon 2019 edition Mrs BeestonRunner got the running bug as well and wanted…

By Stuart

Another change of plans

April 14, 2019 1

So I was meant to be running the Boston Marathon today (that’s Boston, Lincolnshire, UK, not Boston,MA, US) I know there’s a good few weeks of training logs missing (which I will backfill?), but it had been going well with a couple of solid 20+ mile runs and a new PB at the Retford Half…

By Stuart