A day in the dietary life of Beeston Runner

A day in the dietary life of Beeston Runner

July 24, 2019 0 By Stuart

Appropos of nothing I thought it might be good to log what I’ve eaten today. I tend to keep a rough eye on what I’m eating anyway as I do enjoy my food, and I love a good carb, so pasta and rice get piled high if I’m not watching.

I have a pretty standard food pattern eaach day. My breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are pretty much always the same. Saves time and Decision Fatigue getting ready each evening. I like to mix evening meals up more, but like everyone I have those standbys that crop up when time it tight or I’m tired.

I spend 5 days of the week at work, so I need foods that:

  • Transport well
  • Desk eating friendly
  • Works cold or hot
  • Quick to make

As I’m vegan/plant based I also need to fit foods around that.

Normally my work food is:

vegan/plant-based work food options


The small box top right is my breakfast. I find that overnight oats are filling, easy to make and survive my run in fine. My basic ‘recipe’ is 60g of oats and 180ml of whatever plant milks we have in the fridge. If I’m having a bigger run in I’ll add a spoonful of peanut butter as well


Large box on the bottom us my lunch. Which in this case is a lentil salad, I’ll cook up a batch of lentils every Sunday so I can just ladle them out each night. This days salad was

  • 250g of chilli style lentils
  • grated large carrot
  • chopped large green pepper
  • 1 tbsp of nutritional yeast
  • 60g sweetcorn
  • handful of chopped spinach
  • handul of chopped rocket
  • chopped beetoot

I find that very filling, and it takes some time to eat so fills even more satiating

Afternoon snack

The tub on the left is my afternoon snack. I tend to start work at 7, eat my lunch at 11:30 so by 2 I’m hungry again. Especially when I’ve been to gym as well. Therefore a nice snack tofu in mix with some dried seaweed goes down a treat. And it gives a bit quality protein to the day as well


Aubergine with miso glase with vegetables and brown rice

A slightly more arty photo as I didn’t have to work around keyboards and dirt coffee mugs at home.

Aubergine baked and glazed with a miso, mirin and agave syrup. Served with some stirfried mushroom, onion and courgettes. Despite how it loosk in my arty Instagram filters, that is brown rice on the side.

And that’s a pretty typical week days worth of food for me. Seems to keep me going ok, and I only pile on more if I’ve had a harder day for some reason.