Year end stats for 2019 from Garmin Connect, Elevate and VeloViewer

December 28, 2019 1 By Stuart

After coming back from the in-laws for Christmas I’ve come down with a chest cold that’s knocked me down a bit. Lack of sleep and breathe never help me with the running. And it seems I’ve tweaked my left hamstring at the Tunbridge Wells Christmas Day park run. So there’s unlikely to be little if any change in my year end stats for the year, so might as well get them out of the way now

Year end Stats from Garmin Connect mobile

I’ve covered pulling the numbers/graphic out of Connect before, at year end it’s just a case of picking the 12 month option

Year end graphic from Garmin Connect Mobile App

Shows the monthly mileage break down a bit better than the other examples here. Which does make it easier to pick out when I was injured or travelling in the states

Year end Stats from Elevate app

Elevate is a Chrome plugin that grew out of the old Stravistix app. I use it a lot for monitoring my training load, and it offers some nice year on year reporting as well.

So I’m up 609km over 2018 which is pretty good, as from the other plot I’m only 31 runs up over 2018. And the elevation plot gives me 4854 metres up on climbing for the year

In the new year I’ll go through how I use this a bit more for monitoring my training.

Year end Stats from Veloviewer

A much more nicer infographic from VeloViewer. Lots of colours and some proper analogies. I tweaked it for climb in Mount Snowdons rather than Everests, as I’ve been up Snowdon more times than Everest!

The 10k and 5k times are a bit spurious thanks to Strava. Best 10k was 39:06 and 19:20 respectively

If you’ve not come across Veloviewer then it add a lot of extra information to runs once imported from Strava which is cool if you’re a bit of a data nerd like I am. It’s really big in the cycling would (hence the velo in the name), but it’s pretty good for running as well.