Week 3 of Boston Marathon training

Week 3 of Boston Marathon training

January 14, 2019 0 By Stuart

The next gripping instalment of my marathon training for the Boston Marathon in April 2019. Went into the week feeling pretty good, especially as Monday is a rest day just to make life easier. Goals for this week were to up the distance a little bit and bring in some cross training bits.

Tuesday was a dark 5 mile run into work from Beeston along the canal and river. Nothing too hard, but did try to keep the pace a little higher than normal. First gym visit of 2019 at lunch time. Just a little bit of kettlebell work, squats, lunges, clean and press, rows and hip thrusts.

Kettlebells at the gym

Wednesday was a longer run home. Decided to head out via Wollaton park for a little bit of cross country running, and then have a look at the Sandy Lane Nature Reserve for some new trails. Run was great, temperature just right and some really great light.

Sandy Lane Nature Reserve turned out to be fun, so I’ll have to get back up to explore a bit more as there seemed to be plenty of trails to run tucked away in there.

Ended up doing just under 9 miles to get home. Then realised I’d read the wrong line on the spreadsheet, and should have been aiming for 5 mile. Oops!

Tree in wollaton park taken during a run back to Beeston from Nottingham

Thursday was a gentler run in to work with a bit more light going down Queens Road, University Boulevard and Castle Boulevard into Nottingham centre. 5 miles done quite easily was a nice start to the day

Back to the gym at lunch time, but this time for an induction. I’ve pretty much maxed out on the kettlebells for squats, and they don’t even register when I try deadlifting. So I’d decided it as time to move onto the proper free weights.

Being 40 something I was keen to get someone to check out my technique as I don’t fancy adding my back to the list of things that ache from time to time. Turns out I’m mostly good, and just have a few pointer to keep in mind, so I’ll be doing 2 weight sessions a week loosely based on 5×5

Saturday was a late easy 5 miler round Attenborough Nature Reserve. Nice and muddy in places. Lots of people out for the starling murmuration, which was good to see. Be nice if they didn’t feel that you have to walk 4 abreast blocking the path

Sunday was long run day as normal. Fancying a slight different 12 mile route I headed out from Beeston to Toton Tescos, then through Long Eaton to the Erewash Canal, along that to Trent Lock and then a trot along the Trent back into Beeston.

River Trent footpath on my long run

Need to start carrying a small bag on these longer runs. Temperature was all over the shop so I ended up carrying gloves and hat at points, which through my arms off. And I’m going to need some food and drink as well, so time to dust off my old OMM bum bag

Weekly stats for Beeston Runner (13/01/2019)

So ended the week at 35.7 miles, which was 3.7 over the original plan thanks to Wednesday night. But fingers crossed it doesn’t seem to have caused any issues.