Up and over Trowell Moor

Up and over Trowell Moor

October 19, 2018 0 By Stuart
Trowell Moor panorama

Wednesday evening is my late cover for work, but the upside is I get a 3 hour break before it starts. So with some nice weather I decided to head out of Beeston away from the Big Track and run up and over Trowell Moor.

Trowell Moor doesn’t really compare to the large moors in other parts of the country (Dartmoor, Yorkshire Moors, etc), but at some point in history I’m guessing it matched the definition of:

 A piece of unenclosed waste ground; (now usually, esp. in Brit.) uncultivated ground covered with heather; a heath. Also: a tract of ground strictly preserved for shooting.

Oed 2nd meaning for moor

Now it’s fairly well cultivated, and I’ve never been shot at but I’ve heard someone popping at clays or game in the distance. There’s a pretty good landrover track over the top which also makes it hard to get lost.

It was a nice October afternoon when I took the header photo. Warm enough for shorts and short sleeves, and plenty of animal life bustling around getting ready for winter. Pretty quiet as well at that time, maybe a handful of horse riders and dog walkers. Surface was pretty much dry all the way round, didn’t need to clean my trainers afterwads

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Starting from Dovecote Lane Park head up Dovecote Lane crossing Middle Street and heading up Devonshire Avenue. Pick up Bramcote Road, keep heading up hill and along the path through the Golf course. Take the right hand path signposted for Bramcote. Follow the road through the estate and then up and over Bridal Road. Use the lights on the left to cross Derby Road

Head up past Bramcote College and keep straight on along Moor Lane as it heads past the open space, into the woods and over the railway tracks. It drops you out on Coventry Lane, take care crossing the road as it’s fast and there’s not many crossing spots.

There’s a small footpath that cuts off the corner of Coventry Lane and Nottingham Road, but it’s easier to cross at the lights if you go straight past this.

Now on to Trowell Moor proper. Just follow the tarmac and then the LandRover track as it rises and falls. It passes under the M1 in a tunnel, which often has a large amount of mud after it, careful footwork on the left hand side might save you from the worst. 

The track now loops up along some field boundaries under the trees. Just keep following until it drops you onto Dead Lane/Cossall Road. Cross over and go through the wooden gate to get onto the canal path. Follow the path around to the right, then cross over to the left hand side on the small bright and head back.

You now follow the old Nottingham Canal back into Nottingham. There’s a few small diversions where bits of it no longer exist and around the garden centre that’s been built over a section of it.

At the end you’re back at Coventry Lane, at least this time there’s a small crossing island to help you across. A quick right left and you’re off the main road and dropping under the railway line. Keep along the track and when it hits a crossroads of tracks, turn right. 

You’re now back on Moor Lane. Follow the reverse of the outwards route to get back to Dovecote Lane