No sleep, no gainz

July 3, 2019 0 By Stuart

So just after posting about how I was improving my sleep with an eye mask I had a couple of nights of bad sleep, sod’s law that realy

I was getting through the day fine, and Monday evening’s run at a easy pace (sub 150bpm heartrate) went off without a hitch. But Tuesday’s weight session at works gym didn’t go so well. Went down with every intention of carrying on from where I’d left off last session which went fine. Doing a slightly modified 5×5, so I’m expecting to increase by 2.5kg every time I complete 5 sets of 5 reps, which I’d done happily.


Failed strength session after bad sleep

Squats went OKish. Overhed Press is not great anyway for me with week shoulders and a pre-seperated left shoulder, but even dropping the weight it still felt sketchy.

Bench press I did my warm ups and decided I couldn’t go heavier. By the 3rd set I was actually worried about reracking the bar so decided it was time to stop before doing anything else.

Think the end comment somes it up really. It had all felt awful and the only difference was a lack of sleep

I might be able to get round an easy run on less sleep, but as Henry Rollins said “The Iron never lies to you” so this really lets me know I need to get some decent sleep for the next week.