Strange discovery during Meditation

Strange discovery during Meditation

January 4, 2019 0 By Stuart
man sitting cross legged meditating

As normal last night once the chores and cat trays were done I sat on my little cushion and started my normal 10 minutes of meditation before heading up to bed

As is normal if I’ve been for a run that evening I change the crossing order of my legs about half way through (I’m not timing anything, so just when it feels right). But this time I was noticing that my knees weren’t level when I’d got them cross the ‘not normal’ way (for me right under left).

So not a moment of transcendence or nirvana, but still discovering something by just sitting quietly taken just enough awareness to know that something is different or there.

This was all a little curious, but not wanting to wander off I finished off my meditation before playing around with it.

At first I wondered if the cushion I was using was causing the issue. It’s not a zabuton or anything, just one of our sofa cushions so wondered if I’d grabbed the lumpy one by mistake. Nope, was just the same sat straight on the carpert

Playing around a bit and it’s down to the way my calf muscle on my right leg tightens differently pulling my ankle high off the floor. And part of this is because my right hip isn’t rotating as well as my left hip. So yet another little pointer to some of my injury issues going back to a lack of flexibility on that side. Oh well, Yoga classes start back up next week so back to working on it properly