Getting back into it.

Getting back into it.

August 11, 2019 0 By Stuart

Took 3 weeks off of running after I started getting some hip pain that just wasn’t shifting. Decided taking a decent time off might sort it. It mostly did, but a trip to a physio (shout out to Owen at Moore Associates Physiotherapy) gave me the final bits to fix it.

In my case it was a weak left Gluteus Meduis combined with a slightly retroverted femur. This meant my left hips was being pulled out of alignment and having to work hard to keep my hips level. Reverse step ups with an asymmetrical load and monster walks seem to be keeping it at bay. Just need to remember to keep them up.

So I’ve been out taking it steady and building up the mileage again. Taking it nice and steady and trying to keep things in like with the 80:20 method. Finding it hard with the current warmth and humidity to keep down ato 140, but working on it. Roll on the colder weather 👍

Blue skies, and humidity!

While it’s been gentle runs around the usual routes it’s been great to get out. Being back out on the fields behind Chilwell was a nice. Keeping things easy meant could just relax and try to recover my form. A little bit of GoProing (have a new toy) showed I was landig in front of my centre of gravity. This has caused me some problems before (see post on Gait analysis) so I’ve been concentrating on form and cadence to improve this,

Getting used to running and lifting again has been interesting. The hip hadn’t stopped the trips to the gym. The 5×5 sessions have been going well with Deadlift over bodyweight and Squat nearly there as well. Overhead press is still lagging a long way behind everything, but that’s mainly down to a week left should where I seperated it coming off of a bike a couple of years ago. Or at least thats MY excuse.

Wet weather turned up for Friday’s run. So damp out that the River Trent Path back past attenborough was covered with slugs and snails. Bit of a slalom trying to avoid them all. Was nice to be able to get the photo above though.

In the end the week’s total as 27.5 miles. So getting back in to it, must rememebr to keep it steady.