Food for w/c 25/11/2018

Food for w/c 25/11/2018

December 4, 2018 0 By Stuart

There’s been a lack of running over the last week as my right leg is playing up again. Glute/Hamstring being the main area, but knee and ankle joining in at point. Have a Gait Analysis with KHPhysiotherapy booked in for Wednesday. Fingers crossed this might work out why my right lower body dislikes me


So returning to my first love, eating, I thought I’d go through what we ate at home  over the last week. This is just main meals as lunch (and in my case, breakfast) are eaten at work and tend to vary depending on what’s around the evening before. Trying to be good we plan the menu on the Saturday before going shopping:

All pretty healthy there, though did slip in a stodgy comfort lunch of Linda McCartney burgers and chips. Made sure there’s plenty of shared ingredients, a couple of meals with sweet potatoes means I can buy the better value bulk bags rather than the odd one or two.


The idea for this post popped up towards the end of the week, so rather than all the meals this is a highlights reel of stuff that I happened to have taken photos of

We were both under the weather at the weekend with colds so the idea was to burn them off with a nice spicy Thai style soup:

Plenty of wholesome veg, some left over seitan pieces and lots and lots of garlic, ginger and chilli as well. Soba noodles in this one as I had them to hand, but udon or rice noodles also work really well.

Black bean and Sweet Potato enchilada being wrapped before baking in the sauce. A mix of mashed and chunks of sweet potato. Lots of cumin, coriander and chocolate power in there for taste. Thinking it might also work as burgers/fritters. Made 2 ‘chunky’ enchilada as we only had 2 wraps in the cupboard, should have checked before but it worked out ok.

Nice simple mix of roasted Chickpeas, bulgar wheat and a simple rocket, spinach and tomato salad. Easy chuck and forget cooking, bulgar wheat in stock for 25 minutes, chickpeas in over for 25 minutes and then throw together in a couple of minutes.

Aubergine pasta bake to finish off on Sunday night. Warming and stodgy with a layer of violife grated ‘cheese’ on top. Couple of birds eye chillis in there for a little of extra warmth as well.

Other meals were some of our in house standards which I don’t bother photographing. Everything above is plant based btw