Easing back into it

Easing back into it

November 18, 2019 0 By Stuart

So it’s been a couple of months since I last updated. Real life getting in the way as usual.

Went to the US for 4 weeks and got to run in some lovely spots, the Vegas Strip, the Grand Canyon at sunrise, I ran up 2 different mountains while in Boulder CO, (and had a nasty accident running down one of them) and 3 good runs in New York city as well. So a nice mix of trail running and pavement pounding

View looking back into Manhattan from Central Park reservoir while on a run

The picture at the top is from the top of Green Mountain just outside of Boulder looking further into the mountains, and the one just above is looking back over Central Park reservoir into Manhattan. I’ll put up some more about each of the runs later on, and how I work out new routes while I’m travelling

Having not been that regular with runs with in the States trying to get back into regular running took a bit of effort. Started off with heart rate rocketing for what would have been easy paces before hand. But following on the the 80:20 method I just backed right off with distance and pace. It was a frustrating 2 weeks but now back to the same ‘easy’ pace and HR as before, just need to get back strength and speed now.