Doing, not completing. That’s the important thing

Doing, not completing. That’s the important thing

August 6, 2018 0 By Stuart
Looking across to Grindslow Knoll from Colborne

After a couple of week of long shifts for Ms BeestonRunner we finally had a whole Saturday free. Fancying doing something to make the most of the weather we headed North to Edale to get some hill time in together

The plan was to park up in Edale, across the fields to Barber Booth, up past Manor Farm to Chapel Gate, follow the old wall base off towards Brown Knoll and then down Jacob’s Ladder and back across to Edale. A good days walk out with some good views, and apart from Jacob’s ladder probably mostly quiet

All went well, made it across to Edale for just after the car park toilet opening saving an early bush visit (one day I’ll publish a list of Peak District public toilets). Started off nice and cool with some low clouds.

These started burning off as we headed out of the Valley, with the temperature climbing as steadily as we were. Found the base of the wall to follow. Crossing some of the usually boggy ground while it was stone dry was nice, less worrying about the next foot plant and instead enjoying the views a bit more.

As we crossed over the top of the Cowburn tunnel we both decided it was time for a sit down. After a bit of a chat we agreed that we were both tired from the week and the weather was a bit much for us. So we walked back down the way we came.

A failed walk? Only in that we didn’t do the route we’d planned. Otherwise we had a great walk in lovely country, didn’t get wet, had a nice spot to eat our sandwiches, got some exercise, spent some good time together, and got back home in time for a couple of hours of napping as well.

In this case, the doing was certainly better than completing!