About the Beeston Runner

About the Beeston Runner

July 22, 2018 0 By Stuart

Bright green kinvarasHello, I’m Stuart. I live in Beeston (the Nottingham one) and run a bit. Though in the classic case of most running blogs this one is starting up because I’m currently (this is being written in July 2018) nursing an injury 🙁 (Achilles tendinopathy) and I need something to do before I go stir crazy!!

Come from a background  of long distance cycling, mainly audaxing and lots of general riding around. Have moved to running more over the last year as trying to fit in a couple of  3-4 hour training rides a week with a full time job was not popular with home. So a nice easy hour’s run sounded better, until I started thinking about Marathons and longer so those runs got longer too……

Based in Beeston which is a suburb of Nottingham, on the western side of the city near to the University. I’ve been drinking around here for the last 20 years, but only managed to become a resident 4 years ago

At time of writing my PBs as they go are:

5k (Beeston PR) – 20:42 – 28/04/2018

Half Marathon (Belvoir Half) – 1:34:59 – 08/04/2018